Everyone, Apart From the Fans, Wants Indiana Jones 5

By Gary Cutlack on at

All the people at Lucasfilms are well up for doing another Indiana Jones film, with even Harrison Ford said to be unusually optimistic about the idea of getting his hat out again.

The quotes come from Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy, who was once again blabbing about Star Wars and all things major franchises as fan thrills around The Force Awakens reach fever pitch. She said of a new Indy: "...we're all trying to figure out when the right time is to step back in."

To which, with memories of the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull still strong, we might suggest NEVER EVER would perhaps be the best time. But it looks like Indy 5 might really happen, as Kennedy added: "Harrison really wants to do it, Steven [Spielberg] really wants to do it. We've kicked around a couple of story ideas, but beyond that, I don't know yet."

And she pretty much confirmed there's a heap of Indy scripts on her bedside cabinet right now, finishing with: "I think there will be one. We'll certainly move forward with Indy. But right now, everybody's just focused on Star Wars."

So that's running around as Han Solo at Christmas and rolling around as Indiana Jones in the summer for the next six years, to keep poor old Harrison Ford busy and fighting fit well into his retirement years. [Hollywood Reporter via Den of Geek]

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