Google Embeds App Previews in Newfangled "Trial Run" Adverts

By Gary Cutlack on at

Google's latest trick to try to get people to click on adverts is on the way, with the tech and mobile giant tweaking its App Streaming live preview tool so that miniature, interactive versions of apps can be accessed within adverts.

The system is known as Trial Run Ads, offering an "app ad format" that gives players a 60-second preview of a live, playable, working version of an app or game, alongside a counter that suggests there's some sort of imperative to install the full thing before the timer hits zero. Making children more likely to click on it in a panic.

Google sells it to potential users with: "The immersive demo increases the likelihood that an install is coming from someone who enjoys playing the game. Users get a taste of the game before going through the download process,  and the app developer attracts better qualified users who’ve chosen the game based on their experiences in the app."

Given that 60 seconds is about all the time it takes to get bored of -- or hit the paywall within -- modern mobile games, it sounds like a great solution to freeing up valuable memory space by pre-realising a game is rubbish before you even install it. [Google via Slashgear]