Google Maps Keeps Trying to Hide South Downs National Park

By Gary Cutlack on at

Google is waging a war on the South Downs National Park, according to managers of the hilly bit of southern England, with the rural spot apparently continually disappearing from Google Maps -- leaving potential visitors with no option but to go to towns and eat sweets in darkened cinemas.

A constant jiggling of the search results has led the site to write a letter to Santa on its Facebook page, saying: "All we want for Christmas is Peace on Earth and Google Maps to reinstate the South Downs National Park."

Park boss Trevor Beattie expanded on the search result war, saying: "Everyone trusts Google so, as Britain’s newest national park, we’ve used Google Maps to help people find and enjoy the South Downs, volunteer and discover local food online. This stops working every time the South Downs national park gets removed."

The particular beef is the other national parks can be found in Google Maps, but the SDNP can only be tracked down through Google's web search. Google is said to be investigating, although it sounds like a case of data not being updated properly, seeing as the SDNP was only formed and officially recognised as a national park in 2009. [Facebook via Portsmouth]

Image credit: SDNP