Google Street View Volunteers Have Conquered Snowden (on Expenses)

By Gary Cutlack on at

Fancy going up a mountain but without the stresses of worrying about if the locals and proper outdoor enthusiasts will laugh at your choice of footwear? Google has you covered.

Because it's sent one of its Street View backpack cameras all the way to the top of Snowdon, recording plenty of those trademark weird/flat photos of what it's like up there. Cold, usually, and foggy. But there is at least a shop.

It's not to be used instead of actually going up, though, as Google would like potential ramblers to use its images to plan their routes -- not just sit at home eating crisps while pretending to be there.

Google's Laurian Clemence said: "These areas of outstanding natural beauty in Wales, England and Scotland can be viewed by anyone who is planning a specific visit, or for those who are simply interested in learning more about each peak, from the terrain and landscape, to the vegetation and views."

It's part of a wider capturing of the Snowdonia park, with the liked of Cadair Idris and the Mawddach Trail also now up on Google's servers. [BBC]

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