Half of Everyone Switched on Apple Things for Christmas

By Gary Cutlack on at

Smug teens activating expensive Apple devices are still the cover image of the modern Christmas, with very nearly half of all new device activations tracked on Christmas day made up of Apple-badged phones and tablets.

Flurry's stats are put together by tracking the use of 780,000 apps. Apple's 49.1 per cent take of the 2015 Christmas gadget market is slightly down on the 51.3 per cent it took last year, but it still has what amounts to a death-grip on the throats of the rest of the industry. Samsung's second, with the rest of the glorious hardware makers of the world little more than also-rans barely worthy of mention.

As well as charting the popularity of the many hardware companies, the company also broke its results down by screen size, showing that the "phablet" size option is now dominant within the Android sector, with the super-sized screen devices making up exactly 50 per cent of Christmas 2015 activations.

Flurry's stats-heavy post also includes other Christmas 2015 gadget distribution gems, such as poor old Sony dropping out of the top five manufacturers to be replaced by Xiaomi -- although accounting for just 1.5 per cent of total device activations, it's hardly a massive explosion in popularity for the Chinese newcomer. [Flurry via Venturebeat]

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