Here Are 5 Ways That Movie Trailers Are Exactly the Same

By Casey Chan on at

These days, blockbuster movies print money with the same formula, and it usually begins with a movie trailer that looks, sounds, and feels identical to the blockbusters that came before it. It’s no accident, studios are so careful in their marketing of big budget movies that they end up looking the exact same as previous hits. If you been fooled once, you can be fooled again. And again. And again. And again.

Screen Rant breaks down the formula for blockbuster movie trailers and it’s pretty simple. Here’s a list of how they’re all the same.

  1. That damn foghorn sound
  2. The bass drop
  3. Ominous voice over
  4. The quick montage that ruins scenes before or after the foghorn
  5. The final gag

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