Julian Assange to be Questioned by Swedish Authorities Within his Ecuadorian Panic Room

By Gary Cutlack on at

An agreement between Ecuadorian representatives, Julian Assange and Swedish authorities has apparently been reached, one that could see the silver (alleged sexual) fox being questioned by Swedish police without having to leave the safety of his diplomatic immunity bunker in London.

The charges against Assange go back ages, back to before the much more sympathetic and likeable Edward Snowden took over the mantle of being the internet's favourite source of governmental shame. The move would conveniently allow Assange to avoid extradition to Sweden to face those charges of sexual assault against a couple of women, charges Assange has previously rubbished.

It would also mean Assange would be able to fulfil the Swedish request to answer questions while remaining in his tiny bit of London without fear of being nicked by US authorities should he ever leave, which is why he's so keen to avoid travelling to Sweden. It's also quite cold there at the time of year, plus the Ecuadorians really know how to put on a cracking Christmas spread.

Assange's legal defence team leader Baltasar Garzon said: "Julian Assange's rights need to be respected by Sweden and the United Kingdom. These countries have failed to do so until now. Julian Assange's only demands are that his fundamental rights are acknowledged and respected, including the asylum granted to him by Ecuador." [BBC]

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