Kim Jong-un Bombproofs His Official Vehicle, As People Apparently Don't Like Him

By Gary Cutlack on at

The North Korean leader has apparently taken delivery of a brand new official limousine to ferry him between the nation's myriad high-output electrical consumer goods factories, and this one's better equipped to protect the man's hair from being flattened than ever -- it's bombproof.

The Mercedes-Benz limousine is strong enough to survive a mortar attack at least, with Kim Jong-un said to be more worried about internal attacks in the form of leadership coups and assassination attempts than the possibility of being vapourised from above by an overseas drone strike.

Tokyo University's North Korean Studies professor Toshimitsu Shigemura told the Telegraph: "The leadership is very concerned about an attack by the US using satellite monitoring and drones, but arguably a bigger threat comes from within North Korea. There have been lots of rumours since he took over the leadership of North Korea in December 2011 of assassination attempts and coups planned by the military." 

Shigemura is convinced that Kim Jong-un is taking affirmative action to stay alive amid multiple threats from within, adding: "Numerous senior officials of the North Korean military have been executed in the last four years and I understand that virtually all of them have been because of plots against the leadership." [Telegraph]