Kyocera's Invented a Smartphone You Can Wash With Soap and Water

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

I’m pretty sure my smartphone is dirtier than my undergarments, thanks to the fact I regularly place it on the floor, use it while I’m in the bog and have never actually washed it. Though obviously I’d never wash my phone, because that’s just stupid. The soap would damage the screen and ruin the insides, after all.

However, that’s not the case for all smartphones anymore. Kyocera’s just unveiled the Digno Rafre, mobile you can wash with soap and water, as if it was a dirty dish. The Japanese firm is targeting it at food-snappers. Clumsy ones, to be precise.

The handset features an airtight body, which stops the foamy stuff from messing around with its guts. Kyocera’s had to sacrifice traditional speakers, replacing them with a ‘Smart Sonic Receiver’ system, whereby its curved display uses vibrations to project sound waves. Its plastic body is also said to feature a 'self-healing' coating, which should ensure it stands up to everyday bumps and knocks.

Unfortunately, the Digno Rafre doesn't look like it will leave the country of its birth. If you fancy travelling to Japan and picking one up, however, you'll be able to find it for ¥57,420 (£310). Watch it in action in the clip above. [TechRadar]

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