Man Jailed For Making 'Force Awakens' Spoiler Death Threats

By Gary Cutlack on at

A US -- where else? -- man is currently in jail because of Star Wars, and how it all became a little bit too much for one person who encountered a potential plot spoiler online.

The case concerns 18-year-old Arthur Charles Roy, who grew more than a little bit furious when he read something about what happens in Star Wars: The Force Awakens in a Facebook status update that had been posted by a friend.

Rather than sigh and close the browser or send a passive-aggressive emoticon, Roy sent the friend a photo of himself holding a gun, warning that it had a "hair trigger" -- and saying that he was minded to come in to the victim's school to take out some sort of retribution for having a bit of the film ruined.

The family of the former friend warned the police seeing as you don't mess around with Americans with guns, leading to the school being locked down and Roy now finding himself locked up and facing a felony assault charge. [Hollywood Reporter]

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