Man's Galaxy Note 4 Mysteriously Updates With Android 6.0

By Gary Cutlack on at

A Dutch man with a nice Dutch voice has put a video of his telephone on the internet, with the exciting subtext being it's a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 -- which for some reason has been chosen to be the first and as yet only particular version of this phone in the whole world to receive the over the air update.

The video is seven minutes long and really quite detailed, so would have to be one of the finest code-level pranks to have ever been put into place, were it not real. So we assume it's real.

He's not likely to emerge as a YouTube star on the back of this, but still. Nice to see Google's updated code in action on Samsung's older phablet and rather promptly released, too.

"I'm very enjoy it," he says as well, adding that he finds it better to use better than previous versions of the OS on the Note 4, despite the odd crash message and the multitasking menu being a bit laggy. [NapiDroid via Slashgear]

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