Morrisons Has Gone There and Cut Petrol to 99p a Litre

By Gary Cutlack on at

It's war on the forecourts, with supermarket giant Morrisons the first to fire a salvo of pork pies and bottles of Lucozade at its rivals by cutting the headline price of petrol to 99p a litre.

This massive sub-£1 psychological price point for a chunk of liquid petrol hasn't been seen in years, and comes about thanks to our friends in Saudi Arabia; who are currently engaged in a liquidity war with US oil frackers to see who can survive the longest with the price of crude oil at global crisis level lows.

So the good news is a supermarket petrol price war should shave a few pence off the price of getting your tank from the red zone to nearly half full, although there's a small chance the possible bankrupting of smaller oil producing states could trigger world wars should the price not bounce back in early 2016 and save lots of South America and the Middle East from going broke.

So enjoy it while it lasts. Fill the bath up, and those tanks in the loft. Buy a few thousand litres for the grandkids and store it in drums in the shed, as the worlds of money and business surely won't let us have cheap motoring fun for much longer. [Guardian]

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