"Naked Binmen" Hired to Shame Londoners into Wasting Less

By Gary Cutlack on at

An anti-litter charity is sending some "naked" men out on the streets of London this week, in a stunt designed to bring attention to the masses of waste that's generated at this over-consuming time of year.

It's part of charity group Hubbub's wider Neat Streets Campaign, and will see confused drunk people being rewarded with lollipops in return for responsibly disposing on the off licence alcohol tin they're sloshing about all over the place.

Hubbub's CEO Trewin Restorick said: "People get very angry about litter and are open to new ways to keep our environments litter free and the Government needs to take action. We believe Neat Streets has been a huge success in raising awareness of littering and finding creative solutions that make the public engage in their environment. Christmas is one of the classic times where people drop their inhibitions as well as their litter on the street. We hope that our fresh, creative approach to behaviour change will encourage people to think again before they drop litter."

The naked binmen have been out before on litter patrol, revealing they're not actually naked -- it's fake pants over padded bodies. They look as ridiculous as Miley Cyrus. 

If you want to see a person (actually a paid actor) being humiliated in public, the binmen will be out on London's Villiers Street, near Charing Cross, from 11:00pm on Friday December 18, to make putting things in bins seem thrilling. [Hubbub]

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