National Crime Agency is Targeting the UK's Amateur Teen Hackers

By Gary Cutlack on at

The National Crime Agency has declared war on the sort of people who spend too much time on their computers doing things with Bitcoin and DDoS cannons, declaring boys who know a bit too much about computers to be one of the nation's emerging criminal classes.

The NCA's put together a pretty awesome video about the DANGERS of NERDY CHILDREN, which is strange, because we thought teaching kids to code and training them up so they can hack Chinese national infrastructure sites before they hit secondary school was a good idea.

The NCA says the advert is designed to "educate parents on the common forms of cyber crime," adding a new thing for mum and dad to worry about when little Tommy hits 14 and won't come out of his bedroom unless given two minutes notice.

The agency's Richard Jones said: "Over the past few years the NCA has seen the people engaging in cyber crime becoming younger and younger. We know that simply criminalising young people cannot be the solution to this and so the campaign seeks to help motivate children to use their skills more positively. We have aimed the campaign initially at parents, because we know from research that they often are unaware of what their children are doing online." [NCA via BBC]

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