Nearly 2,000 Obese People Rescued From Their Own Homes by Firefighters

By Gary Cutlack on at

UK firefighters have a new thing to worry about and spend their time doing, with stats showing that around 2,000 obese UK civilians have needed rescuing from their own houses by the fire services. Including many that weren't even on fire.

The stats show that 5,000 fire and rescue workers have been involved in rescuing (freeing, lifting out) obese members of the public over the last three years, with animal harnesses, electric saws and ladders all coming to the rescue of the extremely overweight whose bottoms have become too wide to fit through standard UK building regulations doorways.

The stats were assembled by a bored staff member working for The Times via a series of freedom of information requests. The numbers cover the period from January 2013 to May 2015, and include 1,866 reported cases, covering lighthearted stories of windows being removed to crane out the overweight to extremely grim news involving the removal of the heavy dead.

Not all of the UK's fire services responded to the FoI requests, so it's likely that more extreme fatties were levered out of their homes than these numbers suggest. [The Times via The Sun]

Image credit: Fireman from Shutterstock

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