Npower Forced to Reimburse Customers For Incorrect Bills and Poor Service

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Energy supplier npower has been slapped with a £26 million fine for lousy customer service. Watchdog Ofgem says the company had been treating customers unfairly, after sending out inaccurate bills and failing to deal with complaints in the right manner.

The money will be fed back to the hungry mouths of customers directly affected by npower’s failings, as well as UK charities involved with helping people deal with energy issues. Around 100,000 customers will reportedly be reiumbursed, all of whom will be contacted by npower.

The company has also agreed to a new set of customer service improvement targets to reduce the number of invoices and complaints. If it fails to hit these, npower could find itself in much deeper shit, with closure even a possibility. [Independent]

Image: Mecca Ibrahim via Flickr

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