Office 365 Down, Leaving UK Users With No Email or Microsoft Word Access

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Any excuse to use the image above. “Boss, my email’s not working,” is what uncontrollably excited office workers up and down the country are currently saying, many after having given their computer a few good thumps. Microsoft has just admitted that it’s suffered a significant outage, which has temporarily knocked out Office 365 and the Azure cloud computing platform.

Needless to say, Microsoft’s working on a fix, though there's no word yet on when it might arrive. Issues with the services are said to have started at around 9am, with Azure users complaining of dodgy access early this morning. Right now, it seems that the problems are limited to users in northern and western areas of Europe, including the UK, with thousands of important office types unable to access Microsoft's cloud-based suite, including Word, Excel and Outlook. [RTE]

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