Pack This Rolling BB-8 Suitcase For Your Next Trip to Tatooine

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Like the Empire’s seemingly unending supply of Death Stars, Disney continues to roll out new Star Wars merchandise ahead of its upcoming licence-to-print-money known as The Force Awakens. You probably don’t need a tiny carry-on suitcase shaped like BB-8, but when has a lack of need ever stopped you from spending?

Giving credit where credit is due, Disney and Lucasfilm didn’t just slap some BB-8 graphics on a rectangular roller. This £40 curvy carry-on does genuinely look like BB-8, minus the spherical rolling body. At just 21-inches (53.3cm) tall it’s probably better suited for packing a toddler’s travel gear than a grown-up Star Wars fan’s wardrobe, but in a pinch you can certainly squeeze a Jedi robe and lightsaber in there. [Disney Store via Damn Geeky]

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