Panty-Loving Thief Arrested After Using Instagram Geotags to Hunt Students' Undies 

By Kate Knibbs on at

Here’s another reason to turn geotagging off: police say a burglary suspect arrested last week used Instagram and Facebook’s geotagged posts to track his targets and steal their underwear.

Arturo Galvan, 44, was arrested in California on suspicion of six burglaries last Thursday. “He seems to be fixated on college-aged women,” Fullerton Police Department Lt. Andrew Goodrich said. While Galvan also allegedly stole electronics, the police say the theft had a sexual component, with underwear, bras, photos, and jewellery stolen alongside iPads and TVs.

Police investigating the crime believe Galvan used social media to determine where his victims lived, based on where they geotagged their photos. He also used location-based apps to figure out whose panties he wanted in the first place, according to the Los Angeles Times:

Investigators say Galvan identified his victims by hanging out in public gathering places in Fullerton and Orange and searching for social media posts where people “checked in” or otherwise provided clues to their location, according to Fullerton Police Sgt. Kathryn Hamel.

Concerned about your smalls drawer? Here is a guide to removing location data from your photos. [FullertonPD | LATimes via Petapixel]

Image: Flickr

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