Peter Gabriel Wants to Get Monkeys Using Facebook

By Gary Cutlack on at

Peter Gabriel, the same one from olden days music, is teaming up with Monkey World in Dorset to do some experiments on the residents there. He's not making them smoke or putting Rimmel in their eyes, he is instead seeing if they can learn to use social media or chat to each other via Skype.

The tests are part of the Interspecies Internet project, a wide-ranging effort that, for some reason, wants to see if an elephant could successfully tag its mates after a night out on the rampage, or if a dolphin could be taught to beep and whistle at its mates through Skype, should it be able to successfully sign in.

Even Vint Cerf, a computer analyst who's now working as an evangelist for Google is onboard, probably working on ways to trick moneys into clicking on adverts for Samsung products to help fund this bizarre interspecies communications drive.

Gabriel says of the experiments: "The idea is to extend a big video network that already exists in labs so that different species including our own have a chance to communicate. I am also interested in how they would use the internet to communicate," he added, as his procrastination reaches record levels. [Guardian via Quirker]

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