PIQ's New Skiing Sensor Will Analyse Your Speed, Turns and Landings

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

You’ll soon be able to compete with your rich, banter-loving mates in the ski stakes, with PIQ having teamed up with Rossignol Group to create a tracker/strap combo specifically for slope-hitters. PIQ's little sensor sticks to your special ski boots and lets you monitor a range of performance metrics, including edge to edge speed, G force, carving angle/air time, G force at landing and rotation, all while dodging trees and having the time of your life.

PIQ says it’ll encourage competition between skiers, and help both novices and advanced users improve their technique. The tracker has all the communications technology any self-respecting tracker needs, with Bluetooth Low Energy and NFC on board, and it works alongside a complementary iOS or Android app.

It’s available to pre-order now, and is up for grabs for €149 (£108) until 12 January. Anyone who already owns PIQ’s existing Multisport sensor need only pick up the €49 (£36) ski strap to activate ski mode.

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