Connected Dress Hacks Will Leave You Emotionless (in the Future)

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Every so often, we come across something that seems so ridiculous we can’t help but pay attention. This is one such occasion. Telefónica R&D has announced a smart ‘Environment Dress’ prototype, which is apparently capable of recording information about its wearer’s surroundings, such as the temperature, noise, IR and UV radiation and carbon monoxide levels. So far, so believable. Bear with us.

Telefónica also claims the little number will be able to predict how the person trapped inside it is feeling at any moment, through machine learning and measurements. It’s a ludicrous claim and a completely unnecessary feature, and we imagine it would go something like this: ‘It’s raining right now, so you’re feeling sad, but the sun will appear later, and you’ll become happy. Though not for long, because you're wearing this dress for a reason.’ Somebody tell me this isn't the future.

The prototype dress was created by María Castellanos and Alberto Valverde of the University of Vigo, and will be available early next year. By the middle of 2016, headlines like 'Massive dress hack leaves thousands emotionless' will be the norm.

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