Police are After a Smooth London Criminal With a Getaway Hoverboard

By Gary Cutlack on at

London's Met Police would like to talk to a man seen riding a hoverboard. Not because he was breaking the rules of the road, but because he was committing the much more serious crime of robbery -- and using one of the wheeled scooter things to escape.

Which is quite a risk, given the numerous horror stories we've seen of devices locking up mid-ride and throwing their owners onto the pavement. Here is the quite amazing scene as captured by CCTV, in which it appears to show him nicking a crate of Lucozade, then smoothly whizzing away, like some autonomous deliverybot warehouse operative from the future:

Police would specifically like to ask him if he's totally mad or what, and why he didn't get some crisps to go with that. [Twitter]

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