Police Will Tackle Teenage Cybercriminals by Paying Them a Little Visit

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Police have decided that the best way to tackle geeky teenage hackers is by resorting to good, old-fashioned, awkward human contact. Officers will visit any mischievous whippersnappers whenever they come close to committing a cybercrime that could lead to a stint in prison, as they reckon a painful encounter is the most effective way to stop their bad behaviour.

If they manage to pinpoint a computer user who's signed up to access an online hacking tool, officers will roll up outside, do their 'knock-knock' routine, compliment the décor, have a friendly cup of tea and a couple of custard creams with the parents, and then unleash hell.

Last week, the National Crime Agency announced plans to crack down on the UK’s young cybercriminals, though back then we thought their big idea was an ad campaign. This sounds like it may actually work, though we're not yet sure if officers will get bonus marks for causing tears. [Bloomberg]

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