Qualcomm Accused by EC of Paying Companies to Use Its Hardware

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Qualcomm’s been caught up in a shady-sounding scandal, with the European Commission accusing it of using naughty tactics to put a local rival out of business. Worse still, that local rival happens to be British. Grrrr.

First off, it’s alleged that the "company may have illegally paid a major customer for exclusively using its chipsets". Secondly, the EC says the hardware specialist intentionally sold goods well below their cost price in order to bury British firm Icera.

The EC's given Qualcomm three months to present its case for the first incident, and four to deal with number two. If it's found guilty of playing dirty, the firm will be hit with a substantial -- yet very affordable -- fine. [Engadget]

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