Reasonably-Priced Top Gear Car Hits eBay for an Unreasonable £9k

By Gary Cutlack on at

A car that has been in direct contact with the bottoms of countless celebrities is currently for sale on eBay, with a charity group offering the original, actual, "reasonably-priced" Top Gear test track car as used to rate the driving skills of the famous on the BBC's former motoring show.

And yes, it is the actual thing off the TV, not just some chancer trying to big-up the price of his battered Astra. The car has been passed on from the production company to motoring charity group BEN, an organisation that helps car workers and their families during times of need.

The listing warns that the car's had its airbags disabled for (un)safety reasons, meaning that it's not currently road legal, not that the buyer would really want to drive a collector's piece with such famed provenance -- and a physical connection to Margot Robbie's bottom -- on the road.

It's currently going for just over £9k, which is a bit much for any kind of Astra, even though this one has only got 2,908 miles on its clock. [eBay]

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