Researchers Create Special Gloves to Make Blind People More Independent

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Clever science/engineering-type folks have revealed a high-tech glove they claim is capable of helping blind and visually-impaired people make their way around independently. The team, made up of University of Nevada and University of Arkansas researchers, says its creation features cameras, microphones and temperature sensors, which combine to collect information about surrounding objects.

This data is then fed back to the wearer via haptic and audio signals. Unfortunately, it's not yet a finished product, and as such won't be made available to the public anytime soon. It’s a very similar creation to the ‘Third Eye: VI’ glove unveiled earlier this year by Pennsylvania State University.

Microsoft, on the other hand, has adopted a very different approach. Its efforts to aid the blind and visually-impaired come in the form of the Cities Unlocked headset, which provides detailed descriptions of your surroundings, such as street signs, shop names and even train toilets. [Engadget]

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