Robots Could Steal More Jobs in Japan Than the UK Over the Next 20 Years

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Japan’s widely acknowledged as one of the most advanced countries on earth, and it may become scarily efficient over the next couple of decades. According to data analysts at Nomura Research Institute (NRI), half of all jobs in Japan could be automated within 20 years.

They studied over 600 different roles, finding that up to 49 per cent of them could be completed by computer systems. Less creative jobs are said to be most at risk, with farmers, help desk and delivery workers facing a real battle. Teachers and writers, on the other hand, can breathe a little more easily.

Professor Michael Osborne from Oxford University, who worked alongside NRI on the project, has already predicted that 35 per cent of jobs in the UK could be tossed over to machines. We should count ourselves lucky. [Engadget]

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