Russell Crowe Fails to Leverage Celebrity Status in Hoverboard Sulk

By Gary Cutlack on at

The once vaguely popular actor Russell Crowe told his Twitter followers a funny story, one in which he and his children were booted off a flight because they were carrying the "Segway boards" they'd got for Christmas in their hand luggage.

Crowe went on one of his furious benders again, only this time he kept it on Twitter. He raged and raged again, asking why Virgin hadn't told him that the not-hovering hoverboards weren't allowed on flights.

Sadly for Crowe, the expected grovelling apology and lifetime free travel golden ticket due to him being in a good film nearly 20 years ago did not come flying in, with Virgin's social media person coldly spelling out the terms and conditions in a series of replies.

The initial "Hi Russell" is but the first of several slaps in the face for the Aussie:

Enough! It hurts too much. Sadly, what with this happening on Twitter, it's all publicly viewable and quite the embarrassment for Crowe, not least his description of the rebranded Chinese wheeled toy as a "Segway board" to make his Christmas presents sound more expensive than they actually were. [Twitter

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