School Exam Simulator May Be the Perfect Christmas Gift For Your Under-Performing Child

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

A British former tutor claims to have developed the worst computer game of all time, though it may catch the eye of a few parents across the country. Murray Morrison’s School Exam Simulator is described as an intense, low-graphics number, which recreates all the excitement of a GCSE exam (apart from the game where teachers stand next to the ugliest kid in the room), preparing youngsters for the day they’ve been dreading since puberty kicked in.

While it’s an undoubtedly dull affair, School Exam Simulator sounds a damn sight more useful than most other games on the market. Morrison and his company Tassomai say it's a cheap alternative to private tuition, and claim that, ahem, players who manage to complete the game are guaranteed an A or A* in their GCSE exams (or their money back). The game itself walks you through all potential exam questions in the GCSE science syllabus, preparing students for all the things.

“It would be a shame for kids to spoil their enjoyment and complete the game too quickly,” said Mr Morrison, tongue firmly in cheek. “This is a game that kids can savour and play without parental criticism.” Sadly, it's only available on Windows 7, XP and Vista.

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