Scrooge 2.0 Martin Shkreli Says He's Giving Away That Wu-Tang Clan Album

By Gary Cutlack on at

Modern day internet bad man Martin Shkreli is not having the best run of form. Shortly after news broke that he'd been taken in by the FBI for questioning over certain possible business shenanigans, his Twitter account gets hacked -- and now he's promising to give away the Wu-Tang album he famously bought.

Of course, he isn't. Because he's been hacked. But it shows the depth of dislike for the man that he's being singled out for attack, what with Shkreli not only ostentatiously blowing $2m on an album but also committing the virtual hate crime of massively increasing the price of an HIV drug purchased by his former company Turing Pharmaceuticals.

The latter was a move that made him the most hated man on the internet for several days, beating that old woman who repeatedly put the cat into a bin by quite a considerable margin.

His account is still spewing weirdness under the rebadged username of Martin The God, with such pronouncements as "Anyone want free money? Willing to donate hundreds of thousands to charities," and... several other things to do with HIV that we'd best not copy & paste, seeing as they're not exactly safe for office viewing. [Twitter via NME]

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