Spotify's 'Year in Music' Feature Lets Everyone Know You Secretly Love Ed Sheeran Like All the Rest

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

The annual December flurry of ‘year in review’ fluff is underway. Fancy taking a reluctant look at how your tastes changed over the course of 12 months, marvelling at length at how cool you are and sharing a bunch of stats that nobody else gives a toss about? Course you do.

Spotify’s ‘Year in Music’ feature invites you to indulge yourself, and is guaranteed to prove a hit. It provides a breakdown of your top songs, artists and genres of 2015, as well as impossibly interesting stats, such as the number of minutes of music you played through the app, and the total count of songs and artists you listened to. If you feel that the world needs to know about your personal habits, you can share a special card on the usual social media feeds. Smiley, hashtag alternative. [Verge]

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