Star Wars on its Remote, Put, Sky TV, Has

By Gary Cutlack on at

Sky TV is about to launch a specific set of remote controls for its Sky+ boxes branded with Star Wars stuff, with 10 versions based on the original three movies set to launch in time for this month's Star Wars apocalypse, as shared by our pal's at techradar.

How can you not want to press Select on Princess Leia?


And look, they've put the round bit of the gold robot onto the round bit of the remote. Flip him over and the batteries go up his arse:


The remotes are mainly being sold to promote Sky's new Just Star Wars channel Sky Movies Star Wars, which will add itself to the EPG on December 11, then broadcast nothing but Star Wars over Christmas until you're so tired of hearing the music you'll want to encase your head in carbonite or have R2 poke that prong thing of his into your ears until they stop working. [techradar]