Students Miss Deadlines as DDoS Attack Cripples Universities Across the UK

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Academics up and down the country are struggling to get online today, with Janet, the computer network connecting many British universities to the internet, being subjected to a sustained DDoS attack. It was targeted by hackers yesterday, and has been down for much of the past 24 hours or so.

A large number of students and lecturers at educational institutions have been crippled, as Janet is behind the and domains, as well as the Wi-Fi network used at a large number of British universities. The Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) is trying to iron out the problems, though it's admitted that the attackers may have gained a helping hand from the updates issued by the Jisc Major Incidents Twitter account. The tweets have now stopped.

With term coming to a close, students have reportedly missed their deadlines for work, as submission systems have been largely inaccessible. The Register reports that the attackers haven't yet made a ransom demand. [Mancunion]

Image credit: Dartmouth via Flickr

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