Teen Arrested for Using 57 Twitter Accounts to Recruit for ISIS from His Parents' House

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A 19-year-old US citizen was arrested in Pennsylvania today for using the internet to recruit for the group known as Islamic State (IS). From within his parents’ house, Jalil Ibn Ameer Aziz created a stockpile of weapons and spent his days chatting about buying women as slaves and killing US soldders, using Twitter handles like @MuslimBruh0.

According to the indictment, Aziz used 57 Twitter accounts to spread IS propaganda and recruit new members. His case is an example of the endless whack-a-terrorist cycle that social networks face in attempts to stop terrorists from using their services. As soon as Twitter closed one account, Aziz would open another:

It appears that Twitter routinely suspends AZIZ’s accounts due to the radical nature of his postings, which violate Twitter’s policies. AZIZ then responds by creating backup accounts or opening a new Twitter account with slightly different variations of the common user names that he uses.

Police discovered a stash of weapons in a “go bag” in Aziz’s closet, including five loaded M4-style high-capacity magazines and a kitchen knife.

Image by AP

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