Telegraph Slapped on the Wrist After Breaking Rules With 'Vote Conservative' Email

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

The Telegraph has been hit with a £30,000 fine, after calling on email subscribers to vote Conservative in a message sent on election day. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) says Telegraph Media Group broke marketing rules and “crossed a line” with the message, though the last-minute nature of the update and a general lack of complaints mean the publication has got off rather lightly.

Here’s an extract of the message, penned by Daily Telegraph editor Chris Evans:

Do we continue under the Conservatives with the open, enterprise-led economic approach that has underpinned our prosperity for nearly 40 years? Or do we revert to an old-style, ‘government-knows-best’ culture championed by the most leftwing Labour leader for a generation?

The ICO says it only received 17 complaints about the email, but warned the Telegraph that people signed up to its newsletter signed up for news and interesting content, rather than voting instructions. Glad we've cleared that one up. [Guardian]

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