The Dopest Vapes, Bongs, and Cannabis Gadgets

By Arthur T. Huffam on at

Roll up, Roll up! It's nearly Christmas present-giving time and with weed being the most widely consumed recreational drug in the UK there is a good chance you know someone who would love to be given a gift to go with their ganja.

Cannabis is an ancient drug that's being bought up to date with all sorts of technological wizardry. Whether it be for consumption, preparation or storage there are some fun and useful gadgets out there for the discerning techy weed-toker, a selection of which you will find here. And some socks for good measure.

PAX 2 Vaporiser

By now it is common knowledge that passing smoke from combusted plant matter through the lungs is not a healthy habit. A revolution has been occurring with the world of tobacco smoking, with millions of people putting down their fag packets in favour of nicotine vaporisers, and the same is happening with portable cannabis vaporisers.

One design causing a stir right now is the Pax 2 vaporiser. The simply designed miniature oven is able to vaporise loose leaf cannabis matter at desired temperatures, which produces a cloud of vapour that is designed to deliver a cleaner high than when weed is burned and inhaled. The clever device is packed full of smarts, like lip-sensing tech and even bonus mini-games like Simon Says, and is great for anyone worried about their intake of harmful smoke. [Buy it Now]

Phone Case With Built in Lighter

Somewhere in a parallel dimension there is a land littered with all the lighters that are put down for three seconds before going walkabouts, sucked into a void and never to be seen again. Here's a way to ensure this disappearing act is a thing of the past.

With designs made to fit all the major iPhone, Galaxy and Note phones from Apple and Samsung, Lightercase's phone-protection accessories put an end once and for all to this perplexing mystery of vanishing flame-givers, with a built in electric filament flame like that found in a car lighter, which is charged by connecting up the case with a USB. Now if they lost the phone too... [Buy it Now]


Pipes of various designs and descriptions have been used by consumers of cannabis for thousands of years, from ancient chillums to modern-day steamrollers. The Incredibowl bong-like creation takes cues from those designs but adds some modern engineering into the mix to offer up a neat weed-smoking option.

Users pack ground up ganja into the small bowl on one end of the Incredibowl, put their mouth to the wider open end, light up, draw smoke into the cylindrical chamber, and then shoot the collected smoke into their mouth by pulling away the end of the shaft, which springs back, causing the exodus of exhalable material. Something really different in a sea of similar smoking accessories. [Buy It Now]

Proscale Optical Mouse With Hidden Scales

Anyone wanting to know just what Dangerous Dave is really weighing his wares at, but doesn't necessarily want to have a blatant set of scales laying around the house, would be well equipped with this clandestine accessory from Proscale.

The working optical mouse's shell detaches to reveal a scale with accuracy down to 0.1 of a gram, while also providing a section for storing away small amounts of material. While no one in the last decade has used a mouse of this design, thus looking out of place on most modern desktops, it's a fun thing and a definite conversation starter. [Buy it Now]

Crafty Portable Vaporiser

Storz and Bickel is best known for producing the iconic Volcano vaporiser, which anyone who has been to Amsterdam or its environs will have seen adorning the tables of various coffeeshops. The company has taken its tabletop vaporiser smarts and transferred them into the Crafty and the Mighty portable vaporisers.

What separates the Crafty vaporiser from many others on the market is that it is design to be used in conjunction with a smartphone, so that temperature of vaporisation and other settings can be controlled via an Android or iOS app. They say there is an app for everything, and this thing seems to prove that point in spades. [Buy It Now]

HUF Socks

And now for something completely different. It's one of the most endearing clichés when it comes to Christmas, receiving a pair of socks from a well-meaning aunt or grandparent. It's a gift normally met with a polite smile while eyes dart to the next present to rip open. But if you know someone who would certainly raise a smile if they received a pair of socks emblazoned with colourful cannabis leaves, then HUF is by far the best bet.

The clothing brand has exploded in the last few years, with stars like Snoop Dogg endorsing the leaf-laden foot accessories and there are loads of different colour combos choose from. Sock it to them! [Buy It Now]

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