The Giz UK Christmas Hub: Gifts, Facts, Food and Fun

By Jack Tomlin on at

Anyone who's been paying close attention to Giz UK over the last month or two will know that we have been producing lots of quality Crimbo content to get you in the mood for a very Merry Christmas – but we understand not everyone can be here all the time (we don't mind if you are, though!)

So, we have collected up all our festive bits and bobs for you to spend some time with while you panic about the big meal you have to cook (or simply take on eating) and all the definitely genuine smiles and reactions you need to display when opening your presents tomorrow and beyond. And while it's a bit late to use the gift guides for Christmas day presents, there might be some thing you see that you can pick up in the post-celebration sales. Enjoy!

20 Christmas Facts You Probably Never Knew

Strange Icelandic Santas, Saint Nick's pawnshop connection, toxic foliage, outrageously expensive Christmas cards, global spending rankings and a whole lot more. Read more >>

The Police's Advice for Christmas 999 Calls is Ludicrous

Met Police issues annual comedy stupid caller list. Read more >>

Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Under £10

With just two shopping days to go until Christmas, all is not lost. Read more >>

Christmas Gifts for Star Wars Fans: Sphero BB-8, Lego, and More

The new film is out, Christmas is nearly here, so what better time to stock up on some Star Wars-themed merchandise? Read more >>

Gizmodo's 2015 Christmas TV Guide: Sherlock, Doctor Who and More

We'll level with you – it's not a vintage year for TV this festive season. We've trawled through the worst of it to find the best for Gizmodo's 2015 Christmas TV Guide. Stick with us, and you'll do just fine. Read more >>

The Best Christmas Horror Movies: Rare Exports, The Children and More

Deck the halls with blood and gore, tra-la-la-la-la, la la la la. From the obscure to the bizarre, these are the best Christmas horror movies. Read more >>

How to Survive Your Christmas In-Law Family Hell

Don't let your in-laws get you down this Christmas. Read more >> 

The Best Gifts and Gadgets for Back to the Future Fans

This coming Wednesday is Back to the Future day, a day that only comes once in, well, ever. Make sure you celebrate that geeky day right with these BTTF themed gadgets and gifts. Read more >>

The Dopest Vapes, Bongs, and Cannabis Gadgets

Whether it be for consumption, preparation or storage these are some fun and useful gadgets for the techy herb-toker. Read more >>

How to Survive a Solo Crimbo: A Grumpy Guide to Get You Through Christmas Day

Don't have a miserable Christmas.

Gizmodo's Gift Guide for Ourselves

What's that Santa? You've enjoyed the last 12 months of Gizmodo so much that you want to treat its writers to a special gift or too? How kind! Here's what we want. Read more >>

The Best Star Trek Gifts for Trekkies, Trekkers, and Everyone In Between

We finally have news that a new Star Trek series is on the way, so why not celebrate with some Trek themed goodies? Read more >>

The Best PC Games of 2015: Her Story, GTA V, The Witcher 3 and More

We've played more PC games this year than we care to mention to bring you our picks for the best PC games of 2015. Have your favourites made the cut? Read more >>

10 Weird Alternative World Christmas Traditions

They seem as weird to us as compulsory Brussel's sprouts must seem to them. Read more >>

Watch Google's Interactive 360-Degree Christmas Thriller

The clever animation is made by Wallace and Gromit creators, Aardman Studios. Read more >>

The Best Sci-Fi Blu-rays, DVDs and Boxsets of 2015

A lot of great sci-fi hit the home media scene this year, and we've collected the best TV programmes and films to do so. Will any make your Christmas list? Read more >>

Best UK Christmas Markets: London, Manchester, Edinburgh and More

Forget flying off to the continent to get your mulled wine and bratwurst fix, the UK's cities are bursting with festive stalls. Here's our pick of the Christmas market crop. Read more >>

Beware Exploding Hoverboards in the UK This Christmas

UK fires are being blamed on the 'boards, alongside thousands being seized at our ports. Read more >>

Can You Solve the Puzzles in GCHQ's Nerdy Christmas Card?

I give up.

Christmas Stocking Fillers for Geeks: Superman to Super Mario and Everything In Between

What can you get to truly make Christmas complete for the comic reading sci-fi expert in your life? Here’s our pick of the best Christmas stocking fillers for geeks. Read more >>

10 Great Gifts Every Bicycle Buff Deserves

Admit it, There’s at least one person in your life who’d rather be out pedalling centuries than putting on a brave festive face with relatives. Get them something from this to cheer them up. Read more >>

Eight Gifts That Will Take a Music Fan to Their Happy Place

Is there a hardcore music fan you need to unload some holiday cheer at? Don’t buy them music! Mistake! Buy them gear to help them enjoy the music they already have. Read more >>

The Best Fallout Gifts for Surviving the Apocalypse

What if you want to take your Fallout love offline? What if you want to crawl out of the Vault and signal your allegiance to the action-RPG du jour? Here’s our selection of the best Fallout gifts and merch to put in your shopping basket. Read more >>

The Best PS4 Games of 2015: Bloodborne, Rocket League and More

The Witcher 3? Check. Fallout 4? Check. Rocket League? YES! ROCKET LEAGUE! Who'd have thought we'd have been saying that under this headline 12 months ago, eh? Read more >>

The Year's Best History Books

Spend time with a good book, and learn about how humanity managed to reach the point where it is possible to read about their previous adventures on a magical glowing slate. Read more >>

Which Comics to Read and Where to Start: Spider-Man, Walking Dead and More

Comics are a big thing these days, but with such long histories it can be difficult to know where to start. Here are a few suggestions from us, covering the likes of Spider-Man, Batman, The Walking Dead, and more. Read more >>

The Best Xbox One Games of 2015: Halo 5, Fallout 4, The Witcher 3 and More

2015 – the year the Xbox One came of age. Picking the best Xbox One games of 2015 hasn't been difficult. With so many great titles to choose from, if anything the real challenge has been deciding what to leave out. Grab a gamepad, mute Kinect and dive in. Read more >>

Best Smartphones of 2015: iPhone 6S, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and More

Nailing down the best smartphones of 2015 is no easy task, but whether you're after a new iPhone, a fresh slice of Android or (gasp!) a brand new Blackberry, there's something here whatever your high-end taste. Read more >>

Can Christmas Lights REALLY Play Havoc With Your Wi-Fi?

This week bought warnings of wireless signals being susceptible to interference from innocent-looking fairy lights. Here is the science behind that strange-sounding claim. Read more >>

The Year's Best Science and Tech Books

Brush up on all the mad theories and wonderful explainers that a year in books has brought us, before rolling into 2016 like the luddite you truly are. Read more >>

The Best LEGO Sets of 2015: City, Star Wars, Jurassic World, Doctor Who and More

Lego is a toy for adults and kids alike, and 2015 saw the release of many brilliant sets. From Jurassic World to classic City sets, let's take a look at the best ones. Read more >>