The Police's Advice for Christmas 999 Calls is Ludicrous

By Gary Cutlack on at

London's police force has issued its annual time-wasting appeal, asking the people of the big city not to phone 999 over Christmas unless something approximating an actual emergency or real crime is taking place.

It seems like common sense advice to the likes of us, seeing as we can read and think and get on the internet unaided, but some people continue to treat 999 like it's some sort of official governmental version of Siri.

The Met Police's festive clickbait list feature has some cracking example of idiots calling 999 for ludicrous reasons, including:

  • A woman called police to say she has just bought a kebab and it was cold. The shop would not replace her kebab.
  • Callers phoned in distress; they were driving and the low fuel indicator light had come on.
  • A man called 999 as he was advised to call 111 but didn't know their number.
  • A man called to say that his 50p coin was stuck in a washing machine at his local launderette and wanted police to retrieve it.

So only phone 999 if an unknown man in an mask is eating things out of your fridge, opening your christmas presents or driving off in your car, OK? If it's not an emergency, have a cup of tea. In extreme not-emergencies, perhaps even sit in bed while drinking it. [Met Police]

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