The Santa Claws Game is One of the Best Ever Raspberry Pi Creations

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Santa Claws could be the ultimate game of 2015. It’s Internet-connected, features Raspberry Pi, a healthy dose of nostalgia and a charitable cause, and is being live-streamed online. Oh, it’s a little bit frustrating too.

Liberty Games has built a rather modern version of the Claw game, that scourge of parents and older siblings at fairgrounds. The UK games company has hooked a claw machine up to a Raspberry Pi, and is challenging anybody who’s currently sat bored at their computer to control it through the four arrows on their keyboard and capture a prize.

A bear, a dog, a reindeer and a cuddly Father Christmas are up for grabs (literally), and each toy has been given a different monetary value. Successfully pick up a bear, and a fiver will be donated by Liberty Games to St Mungo's Broadway. The dog, meanwhile is worth £10, the reindeer £15 and Father Christmas £20. Best of luck! [Cnet]

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