The Striking Papercraft Designs Behind Google's Android Marshmallow

By Gary Cutlack on at

Swedish photographer Carl Kleiner contributed some lovely angular, textured wallpapers to Google for use in its Android OS, brightening up the home screens with intersecting bands of colour. Here's how he made them. Read more >>

And no, they weren't bashed together in Photoshop. Kleiner's work involves making various textures by hand, using fabric and materials limited in colour to those used in the Google palette, then photographing the results. He's like a human Photoshop.

Design site It's Nice That has many behind-the-scenes images that show some of Kleiner's physical workings, where you can see the glue, lighting and shavings behind the finished wallpapers:



Google's provided plenty of other shots of Kleiner's studio on its Design portal, should you fancy seeing what kind of desk he's got. Whether he uses a Mac or not we can't tell. [" href="">It's Nice That]

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