This British-Built Robot-Insect Could Film Bear Grylls Crapping Up the Side of a Mountain

By Gary Cutlack on at

British artist James Capper has built a robot, of sorts, combining art with something you might expect to see on a building site to make a... thing with legs.

The end result is a thing that jerks up and down a bit and moves its legs in response to a lever being pulled. It's quite impressive for a thing made by a lone man, but at the same time is unlikely to have baffled DARPA scientists hammering on his door asking him how the hell he made it.

Capper suggests his thing might be used to film in inaccessible spaces, although how you'd actually get such a clumsy lump to an inaccessible space in the first place we're not so sure. "It's half inspired by the earth-moving machines like cranes and things you see in the construction business, and also the anatomy of insects," he told Dezeen, plus he also liked diggers as a child. Here it is:

It's not exactly... balletic. It's installed at the Collins Park area of Miami Beach, should you be heading off for some winter sun. [Dezeen]