This is What Angers Giz UK in the World of Technology

By Jack Tomlin on at

After putting out a call-to-action about anger and technology to you, the Gizmodo UK readership, we can conclude that you are all a bunch of hot-headed so and sos.

Well, not really. It would be more fair to say that there truly is a lot about our modern technology-filled world that causes ill feeling.

Starting today, the 1st of December, and continuing through to the 7th of the month it is Anger Awareness Week in the UK, an event that is spearheaded by the British Association of Anger Management to help "to identify anger as a disturbing social issue which needs to be brought out into the open and addressed effectively".

And bring those feelings out into the open you most certainly did. There were scores of replies to our chatroom entitled "It's time to talk about what angers you in the world of technology". Rounded up below are some of the best replies to this emotive issue. Some replies focused on a single issue in depth, while others consisted of a list of multiple grievances, with some recurring offenders popping up more than once *cough* Apple *cough*.

David Shoare on Taboola, software updates, and security:

- Annoying unrelated "sponsored links" from Taboola and the like. I don't care about the top 15 volcanoes that you won't believe exist that spew out cancer-curing super foods using this one weird trick to save you money on your car insurance! Sod off!

- Waiting for software updates to install. Because no matter how many settings you've enabled for automatic updates there's always one device or program that insists on making you sit in front of a slowly loading bar for what seems like eternity. Then you get all excited when it finally finishes only to find there's nothing new!

- Passwords. Too many sodding passwords. My sister asked to borrow my Netflix account the other day and I went through about 6 of my most common passwords before I gave up and reset it. Then you have to think of a new password and you get writer's block trying to think of a good one! Why we haven't arrived on a new standard for logins yet I'll never know.

Matt Wildman on the little blue bird:


"Hey, here's an idea, let's create a platform where people are unable to have fully formed discussions, instead having to settle to off-the-cuff, rash comments, and allow them to send them to anybody, even if they don't know them, no matter how hateful and moronic they are."

Cue the end of human decency.

Jumbojimbo on SIM cards and bloatware:

1. Mobile phone operators refusing to remove SIM lock off your phone to protect the subsidy (that isn't) they never gave you.

2. Companies whose product includes, and benefits from that inclusion, open source components that they then bundle with their crap, tie it all down and then not publish, or give you the firmware on asking, which violates the GPL you agreed to in the open source software you licensed

Chuck Finley on lots of things:

Rabid, moronic fanboys of any flavour. Though it's less anger and more pity with them, it's just pathetic how people can become so obsessed and hyper defensive over a company that couldn't give less of a shit about them.

Laptops you can't upgrade yourself because the company selling you said laptop wants to charge you out the ass for a bigger HDD/SDD.

Stupid, pointless gimmicky features like motion controls and 3D TV. Fuck off with 3D TV already. It's shit.

Advertisers that cry about ad blocking when their advertising is a full page, animated flash video screaming "BUY VIAGRA 'COS YO DICK AIN'T WORKING BRO" or something equally as annoying.

Phablets and anyone who thinks having a phone that is too big to fit in your pockets was a good idea in the first place or "the future of phones".

The fact that wireless power doesn't exist in an actually useful form yet.

The fact that the Apple Mouse keeps getting heralded as some kind of Jesus of Mice when it's about as ergonomic as trying to use a real, literal, breathing mouse as a computer mouse.

The fact that I have to jailbreak my iPhone, otherwise using an iPhone is tantamount to bashing my head repeatedly with a rock.

Freemium and In App-Purchasing and their effect on DLC and mainstream games. Freemium and IAP can go fucking die in a fire while choking on a bag of dicks.

The "Cloud" and "Cloud Computing" are two things that can fuck right off. While Dropbox is handy, I've only ever used Dropbox for transferring files or backup. I really dislike the idea of having everything on the Cloud.

Rob Scotcher on music streaming:

Spotify and those disgusting excuses for self promotional adverts. I'd actually like to get into this a little deeper.

So, I work in Spotify for the marketing department (not really). I want to bring in more money for the company and grow our user base, so how do I do that? What could I possibly do?

Targeted advertising (not sure if that’s a real term)

I’d be able to pull in more revenue from paid for advertisements if it’s known that by using our huge data base of user listening habits, I’d be able to focus certain advertisers to certain users.

What currently happens:

Free user that is a fan of rock gets pissed off having to be forced to listen to an advert about Justin Beeber. Advertiser isn’t interested in advertising to him/her. User gets put off using Spotify.

What could happen:

Free user that is a fan of rock gets an advert that relates to his/her interests. User is more happy to keep using Spotify. Higher chance of user clicking advert. Everyone’s happy.

Chuck Finley, in reply to Rob Scotcher:

That's pretty much why I ended up buying Spotify Premium. Don't get me wrong, I love pretty much all music but having to listen to Bieber for 10 seconds between every x number of songs is 10 seconds too long. There's just some music that has no redeeming features whatsoever.

Though I really don't mind paying the £10 a month, Spotify's great and I've been using it pretty much all the time since I lost my iPod.

Gentleman James in reply to Chuck Finley's reply to Rob Scotcher:

Alternatively - rock fan gets sick of these f*ing Beiber ads and is willing to pay £10/month just to make the whiney sod go away. They're either incompetent or evil.

Vadim Rudoi's hilarious list of loathing:

1) Mobile websites that:
A) Want you to read an article over a Brazilian amount of pages instead of just the one you've opted in for.
B) Asking you to "click here" for full articles.
C) When clicking on a video you get to load a page of BS (that you usually find out yourself after watching the video) before finding the link to the video itself.
2) This video is unavailable
A) In your country
B) On mobile
C) Other
3) Facebook app, mobile website, browser, maps and everything else.
4) Ridiculously bad battery life. I'd much rather have an option for a 3000mAh and a 4500mAh phone instead of 32GB and 64GB. I don't care about slim phones, what's the use of having a slim phone that dies within the early stages of the second part of the day?
5) Inconsistency
6) Irony
7) Lists

Our very own Tom Pritchard's Wi-Fi woes:

A crap internet connection. Slow I can deal with, what I can't deal with is getting booted off the Wi-Fi network every two minutes and having to sit around because the router decided it didn't want to connect to the greater world wide web.

What infuriates me even more is an ISP who claims to have solved the problem, and promised to send someone round to fix it. Nobody ever turned up.

I've ruined at least one mouse this way

PsychoMania (Steve) on Microsoft:

Microsoft - They are the worst offenders for over-hyping and under-delivering. This applies to software and hardware across their entire range of products.

They never change yet many tech bloggers seem to have incredibly short memories where MS is concerned, especially the ones that hail Satya Nadella as some kind of saviour.

Chuck Finley, in reply to PsychoMania (Steve):

Wait, you think Microsoft are the worst offenders for over-hyping and under-delivering, yet Apple exist?

I mean the fucking tagline for the iPhone 6S nearly made me vomit, it was basically "WE'VE DONE IT AGAIN BITCHES, WE JUST REINVENTED THE MOTHERFUCKING WHEEL" when all it was was a spec refresh and another gimmicky hardware feature.

PsychoMania (Steve), in reply to Chuck Finley's reply:

Both as bad as each other.

Matt Hindle on shoddy software and Apple:

The inability of Apple to release a version of iOS since that last 8.x that doesn't have the incredibly frustrating problem with updating apps. Also: any software or system that's slow or inefficient. It's a bloody computer; it should be able to work faster than my addled brain

Meh on Apple:

Well this is a simple one. Apple products

DM51 on Apple:


BetamaxBandit on....mainly Apple:

1. Emphasis on features over robustness and reliability (3D Touch vs bugs in iOS 7 remaining in iOS 9, Airdop, Airplay, Apple Pay)
2. Inconsistent UI behaviour (back button/swiping on iOS)
3. Uneven screen illumination
4. Inability of search engines and voice control to cope with natural language input
5. Inability to cope with intermittent connectivity (offline music should be immediately accessible WHATEVER the network status; this is the worst thing about Apple Music, and marks the true death of the iPod)
6. Oh, and there remains a special place in hell reserved for Office 2011

Rob Scotcher on particulate matter:


...every single morning wiping a layer of dust off my PS4. The iMac at work builds a nice fine layer over a week too. Don't get me started on finger prints.

Themanlikedave on fantasy and transport:

The fact that no one has yet built a working, full size Millennium Falcon that I can fly to work in yet, I mean COME ON engineer bods. Pull your bloody fingers out.

That said, joking aside, the VW scandal has made me incredibly angry this year.

To which he continued...

I have been affected, my father drives one of the models in question (rather embarrassingly on my recommendation), and I work for a large independent motor dealer group that has a considerable number of VW dealerships forming part of its portfolio.

So, from an immediate point of view my elderly father has a product that is potentially worth a lot less in the long run than he was led to believe; he's also very upset that one of his grand daughters is asthmatic and that he has potentially been making that condition worse with the vehicle he drives (as well as harming anyone that BREATHES for goodness sake).

From the work side of things our VW sales have dropped like a stone, which means that, short term we're going to have to start laying people off in order to save the wider business, we're trying desperately to balance the numbers so we can can hold that meeting off until the new year so we can at least avoid sending people home over Christmas with no jobs.

I would imagine that, in the long term, we'll be able to take legal action, but that isn't going to pay people's mortgages and put food on their tables for their children in the near future.

We've already let the Operations Directors for the VW arm go as we just couldn't justify paying several people six figures salaries while it looked like the lowest paid staff were going to lose their jobs, but if it continues as it is things are going to get very messy VERY quickly.

Personally i feel that, if even half of what the scientists are saying about the NOx output is true, then this is easily one of, if not THE the biggest tech scandals ever, I really do, and I have nothing but sympathy for anyone who is feeling the impact.

And, me on spam:

For me, it has to be spam messages, junk mail and the like. I have multiple email accounts rendered useless after being inundated with literally tens of thousands of junk emails over time – the result of too many unwittingly ticked boxes back when I didn't know better. I have grown better at not giving my email address out willy-nilly but still the spam flows in from all directions.

Sure, I can delete all the offending messages in chunks but they'll keep trickling back in, and important messages can get caught up in the melee. Spam filters only go so far and advanced ones require payment – I am not subscribing to a tool and putting money in someone else's pocket to remove what should have never been there in the first place.

Spending extended periods of time sifting through this stuff is not my idea of fun, likely not to many other people too. The irony is that there is a good chance this message will be replied to with spam, from the bots that inundate our comments, (something we are striving to fight back on in the face of ever-changing IP addresses etc). I really, like all of you out there, do not care about how many $$$$$ your cousin's friend made selling teeth whitening kits in Nigeria with this one weird trick and would never think twice about avoiding your clearly corrupt hyperlink.

That, and the spammy comments that now fill every comment thread on social networks like Instagram. "YO YOU WANNA FLIP $100 INTO $1000? $200 INTO $2000? DM US YOUR DEETS AND CREDIT CARD AND WE WILL SCREW YOU OVER IN AN INSTANT"

Not only is it an annoyance for someone genuinely wanting to join in discourse, this sort of malicious spam preys on those who don't see right through it; for all the personal annoyance caused by simply seeing shite scrawled all over comments sections, I bet it's nothing compared to having your bank cleared out because of a spam scam.

Laws to prevent this sort of thing will almost certainly be untenable, so is spam just a fact of internet life? Right now, it seems so. But should it have to be that way? Hell no.

So, anything not here that you guys left out? Crappy Amazon deliveries? Online ticket agencies? Anything? There's still time to get involved – pop your pet hates below and let the Giz UK comments section flow thick with tech-fuelled bile. It can only help to get it out.

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