This Week, Learn to Code at Your Local Apple Shop

By Gary Cutlack on at

Apple is getting behind the Hour of Code initiative, opening up its shops to students after a quick shot at learning how to make apps and things that run on the many forms of software code out there.

All of Apple's 468 stores are hosting at least some form of demo, talk or tutorial, with Apple exec Craig Federighi hoping this push of coding as a normal thing might go some way toward dispelling the notion that software development is a nerdy pursuit, saying it's actually: " incredibly creative medium, not unlike music, and there's a tremendous cross-over between people who programme and musicians."

Coding = the new rock & roll, albeit with less sex. This year's Hour of Code is being backed by governments and businesses in over 180 countries, with demo software and learning tools from the likes of, Tynker, Lightbot and CodeSpark being rolled out for everyone to try.

If you'd rather not commit to going where loads of children are likely to be, the tutorials are available to try online and plenty of simple coding tools work in the browser too -- so no one will ever know your coding skills are worse than that of your average six-year-old today. [Hour of Code via BBC]