Tower Blocks Mk II Could Solve London's Housing Shortage

By Gary Cutlack on at

A report about what to do to cram even more people into London has come up with a variety of possible options, including turning more green belt land into potential home spots and also allowing blocks of flats of up to 60 stories high to increase the capital's population density.

The report has been assembled by Lord Kerslake, chairman of the London Housing Commission. His paper suggests London's in the midst of a "housing crisis" thanks to swelling population and a lower population density than rival global business centres, with the housing shortage damaging the competitiveness of the city as workers, unable to find an affordable flat within 600 miles of their office, move away.

The Capital Failure doc [PDF] warns that: "London’s housing problems are not limited to house prices -- rents are rising faster than earnings; overcrowding in the in social and private rental markets is growing quickly; homelessness is increasing sharply, and there are around 80,000 children living in temporary accommodation."

The summary is that more land needs to be freed up for housing, developments need to be more dense, the planners need to be quicker and more efficient, plus private tenancy agreements should be lengthened to add an element of stability to rents. [IPPR via The Times]

Image credit: High Rise

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