Twitter Moments Launches in the UK as a Man-Powered, Supercharged Version of Hashtags

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Twitter this morning launched Moments, another new feature that initially sounds like it's been ripped right out of the heart of Facebook. Fortunately, however, it isn't. Twitter Moments is sort of like a supercharged version of hashtags, making it easier for you to uncover the best of the web.

One you've hit the snazzy Lightning bolt icon on Twitter, you'll be ported to a page with five tabs at the top. These are: Today, News, Sport, Entertainment and Fun. While the final four are pretty self-explanatory, the Today tab offers a blend of trending stories specifically targeted at UK users. Individual Moments entries look very different to Timeline posts. They're essentially large images overlaid with a caption.

A crack team based in London is responsible for sourcing and curating the tweets that make up Moments -- yep, it's all done manually -- making use of special data mining tools that exploit the Twitter algorithm. Twitter says its aim is to represent conversation in as diverse a way as possible. You won't just be hit with a barrage of perfect celebrity faces, but also input from people on the street, as well as the best one-liners.

In this morning's demo, Twitter's Jo Geary used 'YouAintNoMuslimBruv' and the Star Wars Hollywood premiere as examples of topics that would feature on Twitter Moments. In the first case, we had the infamous Leytonstone Tube station clip, as well as a bit of reaction, while the second took us to tweets and pictures from actors and guests, as well as a view of the crowd. [Twitter Blog]

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