UK Government Says Everyone Now Has 2Mb Broadband Guarantee*

By Gary Cutlack on at

Even though not everyone has 2Mb broadband, the government is saying we do. Or should, at least. The Department for Culture, Media & Sport made the claim in a festive announcement, revealing that its 2MB minimum service guarantee is now live across the UK, so everyone ought to be getting enough internet for low-res iPlayer.

Those with connections lower than 2Mb now have the right to demand themselves a faster link, although the remotest spots are being served by subsidised satellite broadband services. Customers with duff lines can now apply for a grant of up to £350, one that'll cover the cost of a satellite dish from a local provider, its installation and the first year's subscription, news that won't particularly excite anyone with experience of satellite broadband with its many weather, speed and bandwidth caveats.

An online service checker has been put together by the DCMS, which will tell you who's responsible for wiring up your bit of the country to the new bare minimum.

Of much more interest is the DCMS confirming again that it's "begun work" on implementing the far more useful 10Mb universal service obligation, which will, at some point in the future, up the UK's minimum acceptable speed limit to 10Mb. [DCMS]

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