UK Police Have Permission to Trample Terror Attack Casualties to Help Take Down Gunmen

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Police, medics and firefighters took part in a terrorism-themed mock operation in London’s Square Mile this morning, as part of a massive training exercise. One team of officers armed with AK-47s assumed the role of baddies, storming an office block (and presumably pretending not to be having a great time), while another tried to recapture the building.

It sounds like an impressive scene, especially considering the inclusion of fake bombs, gunpowder and dummy corpses to make the exercise as real as possible. What's most interesting, however, is the news that officers have been given the thumbs up to ignore injured civilians if it means they have a chance of taking down an attacker.

"We are asking [our officers] to do a different thing for what they did previously and it's not about standing back – it's about going towards the threat," said Assistant Commissioner Patricia Gallan. "There may be casualties and in meeting that threat they will have to walk over casualties that might have been injured and wait until it is safe for someone else to go and help them." [Standard]

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