US Defence Secretary Shamed for Using Personal Email Account

By Gary Cutlack on at

US Defence Secretary Ashton Carter has apologised for making a quite extraordinarily amateur mistake when conducting his important business of national security -- sending emails from his personal account.

According to Carter's press secretary, the new Defence Secretary spent the first two months on the job flip-flopping between his personal email account and the presumably slightly more secure one put together by his work, with details of some 72 emails sent from his home account obtained under a Freedom of Information request.

Carter explained: "Someone in my position and the sensitivities about the position should have known better. And there were plenty of people during the time that you're taking office and so forth who explain to you what the rules are about email. So this is -- it's not like I didn't have the opportunity to understand what the right thing to do is. I didn't do the right thing. This is entirely on me."

"I don't use email very much," he added, "I certainly don't use it for classified information, and any work-related email is preserved, as is required," he also said, adding that any important passwords are kept securely written down on a piece of paper in his wallet. [BBC]

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