What Might Samsung's New Mobile Boss D.J. Koh Change?

By Gary Cutlack on at

Samsung's new mobile phone boss is a man called  D.J. Koh. Let's look him up on the internet and see if we can infer what sort of phones he'll be releasing in 2017, once his influences have had enough time to wash through the system.

The first Google images result is for an actual DJ DJ Koh, but that's not him, nor is the web developer and tattoo artist in Washington DC. This isn't going as well as it might've, is it?

Proper news place the WSJ says Koh is a "lieutenant" of previous boss J.K. Shin, so, presumably, one can infer from that that things probably won't change much under the new lad's tenancy. Koh was the man responsible for overseeing Samsung's contributions to the aborted Tizen OS and latterly headed up Samsung Pay, two not hugely thrilling innovations that went nowhere particularly fast.

He was also responsible for Knox, though, one software innovation that wasn't instantly deleted from Samsung's phones on day one. Bloomberg suggests that Koh's embedded software past means there might be more of an emphasis on services in future Samsung phones -- ironic as it's the one thing Android enthusiasts want less of from their hardware manufacturers.